Backseat Guru Woodshar Recording Studio
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As We Are featuring Jill Sissell on Vocals
Pieces of You featuring James Woods on Vocals
Time Police featuring Lisa Marie Wood on Vocals
Wrong Planet featuring Gene Swift on Vocals

Backseat Guru

The Gene Swift Band
Backseat Guru Woodshar Studio

A Woodshar Studio Production

Backseat Guru Has Arrived!

Mary Tebbs, James Woods, John Flanders, Mark Towner Williams, Lisa Marie Wood, Rich Daigle, Leraine Horstmanshoff, Eric Sopanen, Vintah Montoya, Mike Sorich, Carlos Arroyo, Denson Angulo, Doug Wood, Gene Swift, and Chuck Daniels.

What do these people have in common? Well, besides being among the top musicians in Utah, they are just some of the gifted performers who have “banded” together for a Salt Lake City all-star CD titled Backseat Guru, The Gene Swift Band.

This CD was three years in the making, combining artful songwriting with talented local and national musicians who were each encouraged to add their own spin on the project and to their particular contribution.

From Lisa Marie’s incredible lead vocals on Time Police; to Mark Towner Williams’ timeless Hammond B3 organ tracks on If There Was A Way; to James Woods’ pop-laden lead vocals on Pieces of You; and Rich Daigle’s outstanding acoustic bass on Big Day, Big Night, each musician has put their personal stamp on the CD. The result is a masterpiece, showcasing the varied talents of the performers and taking the songwriter’s vision to a new level. This is truly an “all-star” release.

For information, interviews, or sales please contact Doug Wood or Gene Swift at 801-685-0874

You can also purchase and download the entire album at CD Baby.


"It would be easy to dismiss Gene Swift Band as an “old-folks” band just because they play the type of inoffensive music that perfectly compliments a Sunday afternoon on the Lazy Boy, but Backseat Guru proves itself to be one of the most solid pop albums of 2007. The album doesn’t stray much from its patented dreamy, country-ish rock; opener “Way Back Home” recalls good Wilco and Gene Swift’s soothing vocals will satisfy any Warren Zevon fan. The band occasionally swerves into sappy territory (“Wrong Planet” tries to be topical by deriding SUVs), but with 20-plus musicians contributing, it’s hard to stay mad at this obvious labor-of-love." *** (3 stars) Ryan Bradford - Salt Lake City Weekly

“This Album is a real work of art. FANTASTIC! There is a little of everything in it for everyone. It is one of those CD’s you listen to on the way to work and can’t wait to get back to on the way home. If I could give every one I care about a gift, I would play for them “No More Bad Dreams” and “Sleep My Children”. Both songs have such meaning and yet are not lost in sappy shmuz.” - CD BABY

"When I first plugged this disk into my deck just outside of SLUG HQ, I was really stoked. 'Way Back Home' the opening track, was crying out for me to roll down the window and jam down 300 West with a grin on my face and an arm out the window. The songs are fine, and the variety of great instruments and voices impressive." Jesse Kennedy - SLUG MAGAZINE (Salt Lake UnderGround)

“Your CD rocks! I wish I could have been part of the beautiful textures of female back-up vocals; they sound great. I love the Hammond organ too. The whole CD has a very positive, happy sound to it; it reminded me of Roger Waters, Steely Dan and Eric Clapton. The songs are beautiful.” - Kathrin Koslicki (singer / songwriter)

“It is extremely outstanding in artistry and vision. Your Backseat Guru is a masterpiece as a whole. “Midnight Sun” is just beautiful, the vocals once again, outstanding. I found it timeless and approachable. “As We Are”…WOW. You have made tears come to my eyes. I am blown away by it. All In all it is a 5 star album.” - Jill Sissel (singer / songwriter)

“I listened to your album (twice!). My favorite selection was “As We Are.” I particularly enjoyed hearing the cello and harpsichord, and I thought Jill’s voice was very nice, especially in the lower register. Also, I’ve always enjoyed her strumming technique. An excellent recording. The other two that I liked were “Could This Be Love?” and Sleep My Children.” The lyrics on the latter were really comforting.” - Robert Nohavec (musician, conductor, composer)

“I just heard your CD. It was incredibly beautiful, all of it. I really liked the arrangement of Allen’s song. It was surprisingly up-to-date sounding. And your songs are great. Very polished and beautifully crafted. I know how much work goes into making a CD, so congrats on pulling it off so well.” - Lawrence Fritts PhD (Director of Electronic School of Music – University of Iowa)