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Whether you are looking for recording, mastering, mixing, or graphic design we can help you with your project. Let us record the CD you hear in your head.

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Parchman Farm
Blues Rock

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"We highly recommend Woodshar Recording Studio and wouldn't think of tracking anywhere else in Utah.  Doug is a highly experienced engineer and knows how to run a session!  The studio is very comfortable and well equipment, and Doug and Shar make you feel right at home.  There isn't anything he couldn't do for us, and he went above and beyond the call of duty no questions asked to help us complete our recordings on a very demanding schedule.  We cannot wait to get back and complete the final tracks for our first album."

Fat Paw
Pagan Love Gods

"Doug’s got the killer set up.
Best in town."

Heavy Rock
"We made a major mistake by being afraid of local recording studios over the last six years. Having had two opportunities to work with Doug at Woodshar Studios lately has been a real treat."

Gene Swift Project

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"Hey Doug, those tracks are fantastic. I really appreciate your expertise in this. There is no way I would be getting a CD of this level at any other studio in Utah."


Hard Rock

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"Woodshar productions is an awsome studio! Laid back atmosphere and professional equipment. We would like to thank Woodshar Productions for their hard work in getting our CD done in 9.5 hours! Doug you rock!"


Hard Rock

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"Doug is exactly the type of engineer I need in the studio; he gives me just what I want out of a project. I look forward to working with Doug on all my future projects."

A Taste of Jazz

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"Thanks so much for all your professional help. I had my backing tracks ready and just needed to record my horn solos over the top. Doug not only did the job in record (no pun intended) time, but managed to blend in the exact same amount of reverb as on the backing tracks. Everyone who hears the CD is sure the band and solo were recorded at the same time; only Doug and I know differently".

United Way of Salt Lake
United Way of Salt Lake

"On Hold" Voice Over for Phone System
"Doug was great to work with. it was my first time in a studio and he told me exactly how everything worked, what to expect, and the best way to get a good recording. He was very professional and patient. He was willing to work until he got the perfect recording. I appreciate his thoroughness. My company got exactly what they wanted!"

Woolf-Bell Band
Rock & Folk
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"Doug has all the technical skills, experience and equipment to do the job, but what sets him apart is the way he becomes one with the band or musician in the studio. He can dial in what you hear in your head. He has an intuitive sense of what a particular song or phrase may need. This is my studio of choice, regardless of price".
Ole White Shield
Ole White Shield
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Native American Flute Music

“What a wonderful experience recording my music. And Shar did a great job on the artwork for my CD. Would definitely recommend Woodshar.”


Hard Rock

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"Woodshar Studio is great!! The overall relaxed mood of the place makes it so much easier to get things done. Don't make music a job, its your passion so you should enjoy creating it, and we defiantly enjoyed working on our project with Doug. We will be back to record more and we are looking forward to the fun, laughs, and bro-ship of the whole experience. We highly recommend Woodshar studio. If you have a project you want done right but don't wanna spend $1,000 an hour Woodshar is the place to be!!!"
BioMeridian International
"On Hold" Voice Over for Phone System

“We are very pleased with the quality, pricing and quick turnaround time we received from Woodshar Productions on our recording for incoming calls”. FRANK LAUGHLIN

"Had a great experience at Woodshar! Doug is a true professional and so nice, that it takes some of that awful recording anxiety away! I'm returning soon!"

"From the studio side and business side .. you both really have a professional yet comfortable place to be. Love it!"